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Who decides on the customers that need to be called?

You decide on which customers need to be called. The service is entirely configurable and is currently deployed in a variety of ways by different organisations. It is also very common for individual landlords to change and develop their approach over time.

How do you get the data?

We have a number of standard secure protocols for accessing the neccessary contact data. The best approach would be agreed with you in advance.

Does it link into our Housing Management System?

All of our services are designed with standard Application Programme Interfaces for open integration purposes. They can also operate independently for rapid deployment and minimal IT involvement.

Does it work with Rentsense from Mobysoft?

Yes we have a number of mutual clients where the two services complement each other.

Do you get many complaints?

No. The service is designed to facilitate a conversation and this is typically achieved in a fairly short period. The tone and frequency of the service is key to this. Of course if the services is used to call the wrong people then complaints can be expected, but this type of data error is usually highlighted very rapidly.

What number (Caller ID) is presented to the customer when the calls are made?

Our policy is to present a local geographical number, so in Manchester for example the CLI would start with 0161. This has proven to be the most effective approach.

Can transferred calls be split between customer services & the income team?

The service is completely configurable, so based on whatever rules are set, different types or amounts of arrears calls can be directed a selection of people or departments at times and days to suit.

Does our rent collection process need to be centralised?

No. Though the system is currently used in large organisations where everything from repairs to rent, goes through a dedicated Customer Services Centre. It is also working effectively in smaller organisations with a relatively small team of specialist rent officers.

What kind of results can we realistically expect when using this service?

We have a number of case studies that testify to some fantastic results, but as a minimum the service will provide: a) regular number data cleansing of about 10 to 15% of your total records, b) the ability to attempt to make contact with everyone in arrears at least once week, c) a massive reduction in the number of arrears letters being sent out and d) a significant release of employee time and resource from making outbound calls. On top of that you should see more cash collected and an uptick in every KPI.

Do those results drop off over time as people get used to the service?

No. All of our evidence to date actually points to an improvement in results over time. People do get used to the service, but in a way that aligns their payment behaviour with their need for housing.

Has anybody used it for Former Tenant Arrears (FTA) and has it worked?

Yes there are a growing number of organisations who use the service to chase their FTA caseload. - The service very quickly cleanses the contact number data and the outcome is always very positive. Riverside have done a case study specifically on this topic.

Does it comply with pre-action protocols at the courts?

The complete audit trail that the service provides in terms of all contact attempts over a given period, successful or not, are now being used for this very purpose by a number of landlords across the country.

Who else is using this service at the moment?

Our clients include:

  • Accent Housing Group
  • Adactus Housing Group
  • Derwent Living
  • Home Group
  • Johnnie Johnson Housing Trust
  • Karbon Homes
  • Knowsley Housing Trust
  • Metropolitan Housing Group
  • Onward Homes (formerly Symphony Housing Group)
  • Waterloo Housing Group

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